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A Woodman Gallery


"I love one of the Providence images, done sometime between 1975 and 1978, where "Francesca" is shown at the extreme right, wearing what looks like a short robe--it may be a dress--over a nightgown. She is looking out of the photograph at us, but her arms are extended toward the dark corner of the room, where there are two doors, one of which opens onto darkness. Her expression, slightly triumphant, is like that of a magician, opening a door by an act of telekinesis. Her cheek is illuminated by a light behind her, but the light seems to be dissolving the hems of her garments, as if she is disappearing--or is somehow only partially materialized. She looks like a child, with long blond hair, on the cusp of adolescence. It is an exceedingly magical image."

~ Arthur C. Danto