Weapons of Mass Destruction


As the War on Terrorism continues unabated, Tony Blair (UK Prime Minister) needs to find those weapons, to justify the invasion of Iraq, a sovereign nation. We all know that Saddam Hussein was not a nice man ... and we can all name at least three other nations whose leaders are not nice men. Two of which are supplied (as was Iraq) with weaponry to use on their citizens. By the UK.

Being not a nice man is sufficient grounds for not supplying weapons to, but not sufficient grounds for invading a non-threatening nation. Let's find those weapons and prove Tony right!

£19.97 - REWARD - £19.97
This reward is payable in full for information leading to the discovery of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Sovereign Nation of Iraq

Terms and Conditions

  1. This reward is payable once (and once only) upon verification of the information supplied, to the first person to submit such information.
  2. Only serious information will be considered; this will be acknowledged and logged at the time of receipt (as it appears on the email response).
  3. The reward has been set at a figure to remind us of Mr Blair's glorious ascent to power in 1997, and will not be divided.
  4. The reward will be paid in cash, pounds sterling. the benefactor does not speculate on currency exchange.
  5. Please note that share prices may go down as well as up.
  6. Information must relate to actual weapons - not plans, threats, fairy stories, dreams, magazine articles, comic books or horoscopic information.
  7. No purchase necessary.
  8. Any WMD count, but if the weapons are of UK origin, please remove any labels or trademark information.
  9. Likewise for US weapons, as it is Election Year over there.
  10. Close the cover before striking.
  11. The following may not apply; this should not be construed as implying anything unfavourable about the individuals: Uri Geller, Tony Blair, Carol Caplin, Tony Blackburn, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, His Holiness The Pope.
  12. Application should be made, with all speed, to the email address below.
  13. Frivolous, pornographic and false claims may be deleted, fowarded to appropriate persons, and/or published on this web site.
  14. These conditions may (and probably will) be revised at any time at the whim of the benefactor.
  15. But the money is real.
  16. Please write to the contact address below.