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  2. Invoice will be issued on acceptance (payment within 30 days).

  3. For new customers, ads displayed on receipt of payment. All subsequent ads will be displayed on acceptance or when specified.

  4. Minimum display period is six months; periods in units of six months thereafter. Annual deals are prefered, and this is reflected in the price.

  5. Advertisements may be altered or replaced at customers request: no charge if one month between changes, Frequent changes may involve a small charge.

  6. Ads that compete with or undermine The Host Site will not be accepted; any linked URL must not be a competing site.

  7. Animated advertisements will be considered; noisy banners will not be considered.

  8. Hypertext links that involve pop-up boxes, new windows, altering browser settings - or anything else that will hurt my visitors - will not be entertained. Please don't ask, and please consider rebuilding your site.

  9. All effort will be made to display ads at all times: These Sites cannot be responsible for third party failures or Internet crises of any kind - but will consider extending display period in the event of sustained problems.

  10. These terms may be altered at any time, as the Internet changes fast - but existing contracts will always be honored.

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